Arrow Shafts

Port Orford Cedar Shafts

After experimenting with different kinds of woods including Douglas Fir, Ramin, Birch, Larch, Hickory, Cherry, Lodgepole Pine (some people call this slow grow pine, and later the name was changed to Chandoo), Sitka Spruce, Ash, etc., we’ve come to the conslusion that Port Orford Cedar is still the best.  It’s easy and pleasant to work with, durable, resilient, and has a straight grain.  Also, Port Orford Cedar is non-toxic and insect repellant.

Our shafts are from Rose City and we have an unlimited supply readily available.
The shafts are cut 32 inches long and are spined in 5 pound increments.

Premium Shafts

5/16   30 to 35, 35 to 40 and 40-45 lbs.

11/32   40 to 45, 45-50,  50-55,  55-60,  and 60-65 lbs.

23/64   50 to 55,  55-60,  60-65,  65-70,  70-75,  and 75-80 lbs

$  30.00 per dozen  (minimum order one dozen)

If you would like spined and grained shafts in these sizes to within 20 grains, (plus or minus 10 grains) add $5.00  per dozen.  Large orders for grained shafts will be in groups of 36 per weight grouping.