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Client Description:
“Three Square is the Food Solution for Southern Nevada.

Three Square is the valley’s food hub; a central location where donated and rescued food can be collected and distributed. We provide bakery, produce, dairy, non-perishable products and ready-to-eat meals to non-profit and faith-based organizations. We also facilitate childhood and senior nutrition programs. We are a place for members of the community to meet, serve and collaborate as part of the food solution.

A national model project, Three Square is a community collaborative partnership with the gaming industry, businesses, non-profit agencies, food distributors, UNLV, the CCSD, governmental entities, the media and hundreds of volunteers to efficiently and effectively serve hope to the hungry. “

Design Commentary:
The site has many elements that add to the overall appeal of its maintenance. For instance, the fading text at the top is completely managed through the backend CMS solution along with the generation of the menus on the restaurant week pages. Be sure to look at the calendaring functionality as well as customized forms to round out an overall non-profit web presence.

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